Automate Your Business Plan 2015 for Windows - By Linda Pinson -

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Automate Your Business Plan 2015 for Windows – By Linda Pinson

  • Stand-alone software that will guide you completely through the business planning process in a logical and easy-to-follow format. This is not quick fix software. It is for real-world businesses.
  • Instructions, Examples, and Formatted Templates for each task ensure that you will produce the most professional business plan. Use Import/Export feature to move your project between computers.
  • Write a marketing plan with the process developed by Rutgers University’s top marketing specialist. Set goals, research your market, plan your advertising strategy, and evaluate the results.
  • Use our Chart of Accounts Wizard to generate a completely customized, integrated (linked) financial spreadsheet workbook (projections, historical, ratios, charts & graphs). Excel compatible.
  • Free: bestselling book, Anatomy of a Business Plan, written by Linda Pinson (28th year, 8th ed., 372 pages) Used by over 1 million business owners. Includes 5 bankable business plans with financials.

Automate Your Business Plan is the popular stand alone business plan software companion to the best selling book, Anatomy of a Business Plan, now in its 28th year and 8th edition (Ben Franklin Award: Best Business Book of the Year). The software and book (both included in the package) were written and developed by Linda Pinson, author of the SBA publication, “How to Write a Business Plan”. For twenty-five+ years, Linda has been recognized as one of the leading business plan experts in the U.S. H

Price: $ 95.00

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