Building Your Backlinks


Building backlinks schematic photoA back link is like a vote from other sites that tells the search engines that you have gain some authorities in your market therefore carrying more weight if you want to put it that way.

This is where the actual marketing, promotion of your site begins, also called ” off page optimization”

How To Built Backlinks

Backlinks are simply a link from another site pointing to your website or web page. The more backlinks your website has the higher it will be in the ranking in the eyes of search engines but not all backlinks are created equally. 1000 backlinks coming from a pr0 (page rank) (established by Google) website will not carry as much weight as one single backlink coming from a pr7 website. Backlinks building takes time. Too many backlinks obtained to quickly especially on a new website will have your site banned and de-index by the search engines landing in the dredded Google sandbox.

So the process of creating backlinks by our team of experts at Bytelan Enterprise is carefully and systematically executed to assure a constent climb in the ranking.

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