List Building Method


Have you ever heard the saying “The Money Is In Your List”

Statistics are showing that every member of your mailing is equals to about $1.00 a month. It may not sound like a great deal of money but if you manage to build several thousands of people on your mailing list it will add up.

The idea behind building a list is that most people won’t buy anything from you unless they know you and it usually takes about seven contact exchange between your prospect and you before you make a sale. That is why you need to build a relationship with your list members.

You need two main components that you absolutely MUST have in order to make money online:

1: A targeted and responsive email list
2: Quality Content to retain subscribers

How Do You Build Relationships With Your List

It’s simple your provide free quality content of high value related to what you are selling and what the lead prospect is interested in receiving from you. If your prospect is interested in muscle cars well you find the best possible information on muscle cars and you send it to him free of charge on a regular bases.

How Do You Monetize Your List?

Well from time to time you send a link to one of your paid offers but you don’t bombard your prospect with sales pitch links everyday. You need to build trust and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

You Need Outstanding Quality Graphic Squeeze Pages

Building a list is not that difficult or time consuming , all you really need to do is create a squeeze page, set up an opt-in box and offer quality material that people will gladly trade their name and email address for.

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You will also need an auto responder which is a special software that you will program to send email with free stuff and paid offers automatically on a regular basis.

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