Keyword Research And Analysis

What is keyword research?

Keyword Research And Analysis by Bytelan EnterpriseKeyword research and analysis are the most vital parts of a successful marketing campaign. There is no getting around it like many SEO companies unfortunately don’t seem to understand. They usually ask the clients to give them a list of keywords to rank for and the go to work to rank these keywords without really researching and analyzing them properly. Obviously if customers are coming for help to an SEO firm they surely don’t know much about the whole ranking process and for an SEO company to simply ask clients to pick their keywords is definitely a recipe for disaster. Furthermore doing so will only result in clients dissatisfaction and a lost of business for your SEO firm. It’s no use for an SEO firm to market keywords that are either way to competitive or with a very low volume search.

Why We Do The Keyword Research And Analysis?

Keyword selection by Bytelan EnterpriseWe don’t ask our customers what keywords they want to rank for but rather we sit down with them and ask questions about their products and services and which of these they would like to increase their sales on. Armed with this kind of knowledge then we go to work. We will research keywords based on search volume, competition and demographics. As previously mentioned, going after high competition keywords fighting for a Google first page position against big players like banks, insurance companies, that have high marketing budget and have been marketing those keywords for years is like peeing against the win (pardon the expression).

Picking The Right Keyword Phrases

Instead of selecting the high competitive keywords we concentrate on marketing the less competitive keyword phrases that are closely related to your products or services with still decent traffic volume in order to receive targeted traffic to your website. We also focus on buying keywords instead of research keywords.

You can contact us for a FREE website evaluation which includes a keyword research and analysis to tell you if your marketing effort up until now have been useless or you’re on the right track.

More information on keyword research

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